Sitemap - 2022 - Counter Disinformation Project

Strep A in the UK, a mess of public health messaging

UK CMO Report: NPIs in Educational Settings

BMJ Covid Inquiry: Understanding & Neutralising Covid-19 Misinformation & Disinformation

20th November: Weekly Round Up

13 November: Weekly Round Up

Child Covid Deaths: A Tale of Two Studies

Special US Mid-Terms Round Up: Democracy on the ballot

Koch lawyers and UK Government seek to protect disinformation on both sides of the pond

UK Parliament platforms anti-vax disinformation, again

"The Angel of Death is coming", Great Awakening Tour threatens democracy in US Mid-Terms

24 October: Weekly disinformation round up

Review: US Covid Oversight report, the political campaign to control the CDC

16 October: Weekly roundup

Disinformation round up of recent news: 9 October

"Immunity Debt"? Established 2021

Conspiracy Theorist group holds event at Conservative Party Conference

Black Robe Regiment & Truth for Health: Religious Militias, Covid Disinformation & Insurrection

Oster thread removed

PayPal halts payments for UK disinformation companies

FLCCC member arrested for "Crimes against humanity", Trump officials 'knifefight' with FDA, are Alternative Treatments, a criminal enterprise?

The April 2020 review that set the narrative on children & transmission

Disinformation network launches weekly tasks initiative

England removes parental choice for vaccination of 5-11

The Swedish Deception - Report

Study examines UKs failure on airborne transmission

BMJ study questions evidence behind UK schools policy

#HARTleaks reveals GB News & TalkRadio's relationship with conspiracy theorists

UK DoHSC Responds to disinformation aimed at pregnant women

Internal chats reveal UK print media's role in promoting disinformation

The emails that reveal MPs collaborating with conspiracy theorists & anti-vaxxers

Expose: The Economic Argument & Rishi Sunak

Creating Narratives: 24 March 2020, Herd Immunity

The Blame Game & Child Vax: VAER

Unsafe Schools: Who are Us For Them?

The Blame Game Part 2: Government Advisers

Unsafe Schools: FidK-Germany

Truth For Health Foundation

The Blame Game & Child Vax Part I

Who funds Collateral Global?

Thiel, Cambridge Analytica & Facebook

America's Frontline Doctors Report

Peter Thiel, Dark Enlightenment & the Free Speech Union

Peter Thiel & The Privatised Surveillance State

Lawfare: Funding Donations

Lawfare: Court Room PR

Rebranding Eugenics

World Freedom Alliance Report

The Pandata File

The real "Ghost Children"

"Progressive Eugenics" Part I

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