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UK Covid Inquiry exposes shocking Government negligence

"Schools was the single riskiest element" Sunak's Inquiry witness statement, August 2020

UK Inquiry: Long COVID Oversight Board 22/06/2021

14. DfE's FOI response: Williamson threatening Greenwich with court action - Dec 2020

13. Data on school transmission ignored, while outbreaks were censored - Nov/Dec 2020

The many projects of HART founder Narice Bernard

12. Schools Infection Survey

Covid19Assembly: donations, a death audit and dissolved companies

Why does the Daily Mail hide ghost-writers behind black faces?

How Brazil became guinea pigs for unproven treatments

11. ONS ad hoc teachers study, Nov 2020

The kids aren't alright

UK's Rwanda Policy designed to undermine the Judiciary and International law

10. How did the WHO's TAGs on covid in children respond to the Alpha wave?

Kory seeks refuge on the reservation

Update: GMC refuses to act, Doctors begin legal action as anti-vaxxers launch abuse campaign

What's in Johnson's WhatsApp messages?

The Omerta of the UK media

Doctors start crowdfunder to sue GMC over failure to act on Malhotra

9. June - Oct 2020: UK influence on WHO Schools groups

8. Autumn 2020: How contact testing in UK schools collapsed

Long Covid in children:"Substantial impact" from Omicron infections & reinfections

7. Why did the UK ignore calls for a September circuit breaker?

6. Who wrote the September 2020 schools guidance?

5. Suppression of scientific debate on transmission in children

4. Evidence for "Back to school" June 2020 DfE Guidance

3. UK Influence: Viner, Farrar, Fauci emails & ESPID

2. March - April 2020 "No child is known to have passed on Covid-19 to an adult"

1.Introduction: Review of the UK's evidence base on Covid in schools

How test and trace in schools led to significant undercounting

Conservative Party's endorsement of GB News adds validity to disinformation

Media and Government tried to sell us mass infection, then pretended they hadn't

"Explicit" Sex Ed Report: A product of Christian Nationalism

UK MPs links to Christian Nationalism

What does Us For Them's accounts tell us about who they represent?

Rewriting history, the politics of the "Lockdown Files"

The Telegraph's "Lockdown Files"

Anti-vaxxers Party and Plot the Path to Nuremberg 2.0

Law suits, commision charges, licences stripped & criminal prosecutions, Reality hits for AFLD and other disinfo docs

UK to replace vax only with infection only strategy

Report: US Culture Wars in UK schools

Davos & how the powerful live with covid

Bridgen suspended for antivax antisemitism, but what about the other MPs supporting conspiracy theorists calling for Nuremberg 2.0?