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How do you sleep at night writing such incredible lies, disinformation and truly deadly rhetoric.

You have no proof of harms anywhere.

You are nothing but an overpaid shill for the pharmaceutical industry.

You have no proof of "safe and effective" for deadly dangerous poisons masquerading as "vaccines" - which have created more death, disabilities and diseases than the combined iatrogenic impacts of all drugs and vaccines since records began.

And yet you invade Substack with your lies and the true disinformation masquerading as a counter disinformation project.

Which is just double talk for "countering people who are brave enough to call out the lies and disinformation of the global vaccine industrial complex and their corruption.'

I hope you are well paid.

And hopefully you will never make any money out of this page.

Because it is nothing but propaganda, disinformation, and vile attack on honest doctors and scientists, unlike yourself.

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